Road Tax: 1 in 40 evaders caught

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Another fine piece of work from our noble tax-supported civil servants:

Never mind what Benjamin Franklin said about there being only one thing in life that was certain–death and taxation. You can’t even rely on that any more. It seems that the chances of catching a road tax dodger is just one-in-forty according to a recent Whitehall watchdog report. Apparently there are 1.55 million untaxed vehicles in britain and the number of people not paying their Vehicle Excise Duty is still increasing.

So that’s nice. We’re funding a big old department in Swansea, who not only managed to miss 1.55m people, while catching a tiny fraction of that number? Sounds like money well spent, doesn’t it?

BigLorryBlog has plenty more to say about road tax, too.

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