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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Here’s a couple of interesting job-related ideas I’ve stumbled across today.

First up, Business Blog Consulting points to a report on how blogs, podcasts and their ilk affect technology purchasing decisions. The answer seems to be �more than you’d expect�. 53% of respondents get business and technology information from blogs and while technology buyers are likely to lead the mainstream on this, it does suggest a general adoption of them as an information source. Good, good. I’d hate to think I was wasting my time�

David Tebbutt muses on people’s observations of their kids using social software:

The point is that this stuff is part of the weft and warp of these kids’ lives. It will continue and strengthen through university and then what happens when they hit the ‘real’ world? Unless they’re very fortunate or business wakes up more than it has so far, they’re going to find it weird shoe-horning themselves into ineffective corporate behaviours.

And that day is only a couple of years away, at the outside. Is business and business infrastructure ready? Not yet.

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