blogging success means sex and politics

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Once I arrived at work this morning, Anthony mentioned that he’s heard a piece on blogging on the radio this morning. I must confess, I listen to Today on Radio 4 a lot less than I used to, mainly because we got rid of the bedside clock radio I had on my side table. A baleful orange light illuminating the whole room is not conducive to a full night’s sleep. So, I tuned in to the report on Listen Again and there, surprise, surprise was Ian Dale. It seems that to be a famous blogger in the UK right now, you have to be into politics, like Ian and Guido, or sex, like Belle or The Girl. (However, her real identity’s exposure in The Sunday Times is a cautionary tale for people wanting to follow that route).

However, it’s interesting to see that Ian is starting to take on the roles that a conventional magazine would, if it was covering political blogging, with supplements and awards. It’s proved an extremely lucrative route for old media, so why not for new media, too?

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