Goodbye, hello
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Goodbye, hello

So, what do I return from my weekend away to find? Casino Avenue is closing down. Waaaay back in the day, this blog used to be much more focused on my area of south east London, and the good Inspector Sands was one of the small circle of blogs I interacted with regularly. My interests may have shifted, but I’m sad to see one of the most consistently entertaining and provoking blogs in London disappear. The city will be poorer for it, but, if he’s not having fun, why should he bother? Thanks, Inspector, and good luck for the future.

Interesting, my referrer logs of late indicate that there’s demand out there for a good Blackheath blog. Maybe one of the Inspector’s local readers could step up to the plate?

Talking of my referrer logs (ah, such a smooth transition there), welcome PC Bloggs to the blogosphere. She joins the ranks of the anonymous police bloggers and I’m enjoying both her posts, insights and the steady stream of traffic she’s sent my way…


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