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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Casino Royale publicity shot

Well, now I’m annoyed.

Ever since I heard about the casting of Daniel Craig as the brand new James Bond I’ve been preparing to hate the new movie, Casino Royale. I’ve already been composing the blog post in my head, bemoaning the fact that the move away from gadgets and to a �grittier� Bond was a mistake, a fundamental misunderstanding of the audience and an adolescent desire to apply seriousness to something that doesn’t need it.Casino Royale Publicity 2

And then I saw the new trailer for the movie.

And it’s really good. The cinematography looks interesting, the feel more �real� than old Bond, while still being true to the character, and, surprisingly, evoked immediately the original book Bond I spent many long weekend afternoons reading as a kid. As long as it’s possible to view this as a new start for the Bond series, and not a continuation of a series, this could be a very enjoyable movie.

So, I’ve gone from prejudging a movie based on some casting news, a few quotes and lots of speculation, to prejudging it based on a short trailer and my love of visual style. And turned my opinion around 180� in the process

Blast. I hate it when that happens.

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