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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Steve Rubel has an interesting post up on the future of newspapers, based on an article from Time:

Blogging has been wonderful for newspapers. It unshackles reporters from just delivering facts. They can now show who they are as people through the expression of opinions.

Although, to be fair, it does terrify some, who dislike the idea of readers being able to respond directly to their work or who might force the journalists into a conversation. For those who do get the idea of interaction, it’s a really invigorating experience.

However, blogging is the first in a series of dominoes that have to fall for the newspaper to thrive in a world where the reader rules – and tells everyone so.

The reader has always ruled, though. Most of the time, though, she’s only had the ultimate sanction: not putting her cash on the table. Now, though, we’re entering an age where the reader can participate easily in the debates that shape the print product and be an active creator in the online product. And, for journalists who enjoy interacting with their readers, these should be very exciting time.

Pity that’s not all journalists, isn’t it?

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