A Brand New Travel Blog
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A Brand New Travel Blog

The Travel Weekly BlogI can’t remember if I’ve made this explicit here or not but, at the moment, I’m working full time on helping my employer roll out blogs for certain of its magazines. I certainly remember mentioning the Hairdressers Journal Blog.

Well, yesterday another one went live, this time for the travel industry magazine, Travel Weekly. And what a lovely looking thing it is. The blog launch co-incinced with an almost complete revamp of the magazine and website, including a new logo and a new look. And, although I am biased by associated, I think the new look makes the blog looks fantastic.

This will be an interesting blog to follow, I think, and not just because there are some very good journalists on the title. The travel industry has gone through huge changes in recent years, squeezed by the twin forces of the internet and terrorism. If the blog managed to give us the inside track on the way the industry moves (alongside its sister title Travolution), it’ll be a great read.


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