Delicate Media Handling of Suffolk Murders

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

From the resurgent Casino Avenue:

You are a TV news network. You see a man has been arrested, suspected of being one of the worst serial killers for some years.

You discover he has a MySpace account. What do you do? Do you….

a) Not mention it.

b) Show some pictures from it, taking care to obscure tell-tale details that’d allow people to hunt down the site.

c) Show a screen grab of the whole bloody thing!

You gather together all your knowledge of the internet, and chose…. c. You get a reporter who knows nothing about the internet to declare he’d �kept a blog on the website MySpace�, even though the bit where the blog should be is empty.

The whole spate of murders in Suffolk has taken place not terribly far from where my Mum lives. It’s shocked the whole area, and seems to be a constant thread of conversation in pubs, butchers and supermarkets.

Having idiot journalists with a cursory understanding of the internet blundering in really doesn’t help.

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