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Le Web 3: Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 @ Le Web 3.0

There’s something wrong with a panel where the participants are trying to figure out what the panel’s about half way through…

A few notable things:

SocialText has 2,000 customers for its wikis, slightly over double last year.

Lee Bryant of Headshift: People are using 1990s software based on 1950s management principles. Tools like Microsoft Sharepoint “try to roll themselves across companies like a nasty flu”, whereas those grown internally from the users are much more successful.

Enterprise 2.0

Ross Mayfield of SocialText: “Kids do their homework on MySpace. In school, that’s cheating. In business, that’s collaboration.”

Second Life might well be Enterprise 2.0, with companies opening up within the virtual world, and using its currency.

(I’m a bit bored, frankly)

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