Le Web 3: French Presidential candidate Fran�ois Bayrou

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

A French politician this time, Fran�ois Bayrou from UDF, a centrist party. He’s talking in French, so be aware that I’m blogging a translation.
Fran�ois Bayrou

He things that bloggers are important to a candidate who isn’t supported by the mainstream (and powerful press). And we’ve seen in the US how powerful blogging can be for politicians. Then he cites Howard Dean, who probably isn’t the best example. There was more hype that real results there.

Bayrou suggests that the internet is a fifth power which carries great hope for the future. He like open source software and wikis, He knows how to play to the crowd.

He thinks we represent about 60m readers, and that’s why he though it important to come address us today. The growth of blogging is an important moment in human history.

And lots of jokes which have the French people laughing and which aren’t being translated�

Lo�c has publically declared his support for Nicolas Sarkozy (Wikipedia has a summary of the French presidential candidates) and thinks it was good of Bayrou to come despite that.

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