Le Web 3: Is old media dead?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Here we go, another session about the death of Old Media, with four new media types and a single old media chap as the chair. And precious little revealing content.

Are people making money from their sites yet? Not really. Will journalists go? No, they’ll still be there are selectors of other content.

Chappaz suggested that most media companies in Europe are poor and can’t invest in the web, or acquire Web 2.0 companies, but didn’t back that up.

The audience seems to think that the small companies on the stage will be bought by bigger firms within five years. Those on the stage disagreed.

Tom Morris just chipped in with a question about the journalists getting in for free and the bloggers paying, pointing out that the Old Media gets priority even at this conference, and referencing this post on Comment is Free. Pity no-one really answered it.

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