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Le Web 3: Shimon Peres On The World's New Age

And it isn’t the state that will change things. Governments are conservative, companies have the culture of risk taking, said Peres.

Governments no longer control democracy. The moment a company becomes rich, people get lazy, they stop producing children and there are no workers.� Hence: immigration.

He’s certainly a fan of technology. Can nanotechnology defeat terrorism?

He’s also fascinated by the evolution of China, and making comparisons between it and a kibbutz he once spent time on. China has free speech, but not free air�

Democracy is the right to be different. Even to make mistakes. The obligation to correct them.�

�The new world is arriving in Africa. It is arriving in the Middle East, but it may take time. When I say pregnant, I don’t mean it will take nine months��

Fascinating. I don’t agree with everything he said. But I did enjoy it.

Oh, and from the questions, this lovely reply: �Optimists and pessimists die the same. They just live differently.�

Shane Richmond of The Telegraph’s take on Peres is interesting.

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