And it isn’t the state that will change things. Governments are conservative, companies have the culture of risk taking, said Peres.

Governments no longer control democracy. The moment a company becomes rich, people get lazy, they stop producing children and there are no workers.� Hence: immigration.

He’s certainly a fan of technology. Can nanotechnology defeat terrorism?

He’s also fascinated by the evolution of China, and making comparisons between it and a kibbutz he once spent time on. China has free speech, but not free air�

Democracy is the right to be different. Even to make mistakes. The obligation to correct them.�

�The new world is arriving in Africa. It is arriving in the Middle East, but it may take time. When I say pregnant, I don’t mean it will take nine months��

Fascinating. I don’t agree with everything he said. But I did enjoy it.

Oh, and from the questions, this lovely reply: �Optimists and pessimists die the same. They just live differently.�

Shane Richmond of The Telegraph’s take on Peres is interesting.

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