Snappy Guardian Interview With Six Apart

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Wow. I completely missed this brief interview with Mena Trott and Andrew Anker of Six Apart. It’s a great wee posting, because it give some real insight into where the company’s going over the next six to nine months (which is something I care about seeing as I use every single one of their products from Vox to Movable Type Enterprise).

It also gives some initial, and quite amusing, reaction to the L’affaire Lo�c:

Mena Trott: I don’t think anyone thinks that as a company we’re pushing a French political agenda. Loic’s a very large personality, but we trust our team members and groups to act independently.

AA: It’s a bit like a case of �we don’t mind what people say as long as they spell our names right�: we don’t mind what people say, good or bad, as long as they’re using our tools to do it.

NIce work, Mr Johnson.

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