Some Ruminations on the NHS

The NHS is keeping my Mum alive. There’s so much to value in the service, even if there are problems.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

I know it’s traditional to complain and tut and nit-pick about the NHS in blogs at the moment. After all, a very large amount of extra money has gone into the service in recent years to very little apparent benefit. That’s something we should all be annoyed at. Hell, I’ve even helped the guy who’s broken most of the stories about the complete screw-ups in the NHS IT systems start blogging.

But, really, I believe that without the efforts of the NHS, my Mum wouldn’t be alive to spend Christmas with us this year. She’s been battling cancer since early this year, and the medical treatment she’s received, both from her GP and local nursing team and the specialists at the Norfolk & Norwich has been excellent.

There’s still much to quibble about. The admin of the hospital is clearly chaotic and the nursing staff can be terribly indifferent in their care sometimes, but all told, it’s done well by us. And that’s worth noting.

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