Hacking and Twittering with Strange Attractor

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

On my morning commute, I catch up with my podcasts. And, on this morning’s commute, I caught up with the latest Strange Attractor podcast, which had been sat on my iPod for a little while without me noticing. And, my goodness, what a corker. It’s not often you catch me laughing out loud as I drive the Croydon flyover, but I did this morning. The pair’s evisceration of both **The Independent’s “blogs” and Keith Waterhouse’s laughable opinion piece in the Daily Hate Mail is just perfect.

And I strongly suggest my blogging journalist colleagues have a listen to it, just in case they feel the temptation to write “What do you think?” at the end of their posts…

As the podcast is hosted on Odeo, I can embed it here for your listening pleasure:

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