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links for 2007-02-24

  • Some interesting figures on who dominates the RSS reader market.
    (tags: [rss]( [rssreaders]( [atom]( [feeds]( [newsgator]( [bloglines]( [netvibes]( [googlereader](
  • And here’s Feedburner’s own figures on this
    (tags: [rss]( [rssraders]( [atom]( [feeds]( [feedburner](
  • This is a reality that corporates and, worse, corporate best practice, has yet to catch up with. And it needs to. Fast.
    (tags: [technology]( [work]( [workplace]( [corporate]( [productivity]( [security]( [business]( [IT]( [management](
  • An interesting experiment for Lent
    (tags: [lent]( [faith]( [food]( [christianity](

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