Blogging Is Better Than Putting My Fist Through The Monitor

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

I’ve not been having a good technology day. We’ve had a couple of issues with both our internal and external blog servers that have sent my blood pressure in what could be described as “a non-positive direction”. The “split bill” service for my corporate mobile phone (no, I still don’t have a Blackberry) was refusing to work in Firefox. My work PC laptop was crashing repeatedly. I was, in short, having a bad IT day.

In fact, I found myself wondering how my job became so technology-centric. And then it hit me, my job has always been technology-centric. After all, magazine publishing is based around the twin pillars of Desktop Publishing and Printing Presses. But they don’t really register as technology to most people, and that’s because we tend to use the word “technology” as a shorthand for “new technology” – which is technology which has come to prominence within our adult lifetime.

What will this industry look like when the digital natives enter the workplace? What will journalists who don’t remember an age before the internet create with the tools that people are building already?

And it’s thoughts like that which allow me to keep wading through the technological morass of corporate life towards whatever it is that’s coming next.

(This post might be taken as evidence that I need to cut down on the coffee)*

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