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Andrew's 15 Minutes of UGC Fame

My colleague, the inestimable Andrew Rogers, got liveblogged at the PPA Conference yesterday:

Andrew Rogers, head of user content development at Reed Business Information, said that in one way, magazine publishers are at a disadvantage in distributing content in a Web 2.0 world because it is not enough to use shovelware to repurpose print copy for the web.

He used a story on the Independent site as an example: the story was all about a video spoof of a gameshow that has caused a minor ruckus, but because the story was written for print and then slapped on the web it didn’t do the obvious thing and link to the video. It didn’t even give the video’s name, so users would not have been able to search for it. Linking and aggregation is a great way to move towards Web 2.0, he said.

We spend a lot of time getting irritated by non-linking journalists here in RBI Web 2.0 central.

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