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links for 2007-05-08

  • Does UGC threaten old media firms – or open the way for some really exciting transformation?
    (tags: [ugc]( [publishing]( [media](
  • There are now over 2 million online entries for an obscure hexadecimal number. Why? Because it’s the key that allows you to unlock protected HD-DVD content.
    (tags: [drm]( [copyright]( [UGC](
  • As more and more people move their reading behaviors to RSS aggregators we need to rethink our online branding.
    (tags: [rss]( [blogging]( [branding]( [subscriptions](
  • “Going somewhere nice over the Bank Holiday?” I’ve now had three people ask me the same question over the course of the day: ” Yes thanks. Can’t wait, I’m off to the shed.
    (tags: [green]( [environment]( [sheds](
  • Forrester categorizes Social Computing behaviors into a ladder with six levels of participation;
    (tags: [socialmedia]( [participation]( [audience](
  • A section of the proposed Free Flow of Information Act advocates that certain bloggers receive a key legal protection that is currently reserved for journalists. This would relieve some of the legal risks that bloggers face every da
    (tags: [bloggers]( [journalism]( [blogging]( [law]( [legal](

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