links for 2007-05-11

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • Some thoughts on what could be limiting the growth of podcasting
    (tags: [podcasting]( [youtube]( [audio]( [ipod]( [rss](
  • Best. Headline. Evar.
    (tags: [headlines]( [journalism](
  • Emily Bell explains the new look Guardian Unlimited front page. I find it a bit β€œho hum” myself.
    (tags: [web]( [design]( [guardian](
  • Simple message: design by committee is bad, design by obsessive aesthete is excellent
    (tags: [apple]( [design](
  • Richard Dawkins: sci-fi deist. Fantastic journalism AND blogging from Ruth Gledhill, bringing a whole new dimension to what was becoming a tired debate.
    (tags: [faith]( [religion]( [atheism]( [blogging]( [journalism](

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