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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Lots of things I was planning on writing about, but won’t manage before I go away:

Four bloggers bloggingA model for the 21st century newsroom
We’ve only really seen incremental changes in the way we run newsrooms (and magazine offices). This is a good start for a new way of thinking.

**A recent journalism graduate thinking in a creative way about the very same topic. [via Jeff Jarvis]

**Improving Traditional Media with Social Media
**Once you get past the horror of words like “leverage” and “brand”, there’s the germ of some good ideas here.

**Blogs and Real Journalism
Are journalists-turned-bloggers offering something distinctly different?
Subs Normal!
The fun of pun! (Boring bit: are the demands of search engines killing witting headlining, or do we have to think more about the context and utility of headlines?)

Where Did The Community Care Post Go?
No comment.

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