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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • The downside of the popularity and ubiquity of free WordPress themes.
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  • [Facebook] bears the hallmarks of the kind of pump-and-dump service that sees us as sticky, monetizable eyeballs in need of pimping. The clue is in the steady stream of emails you get from Facebook: “So-and-so has sent you a message.” Yeah, what is it?
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  • Short version: they run ads against your content, but only occasional users see them.
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  • Are professional bloggers killing their interest value for revenue?
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  • Nice example of the problem with Facebook Beacon
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  • How the geeks conquered the media…
    (tags: [tv]( [film]( [media]( [creatives]( [culture]( [cult]( [geek](
  • Drupal 6 is getting OpenID. Ooooh.
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  • Coming out of the disillusionment phase, then…
    (tags: [secondlife]( [virtualworlds]( [virtualcommunities](

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