links for 2007-12-08
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links for 2007-12-08

  • Shane Richmond from The Telegraph gets a Kindle and gives it a lukewarm review. Waiting for version 3, I think…
    (tags: [kindle]( [amazon]( [ebooks]( [readers]( [books]( [digitalpublishing](
  • Oh, I should read this. It’s making my eyes bleed, though.
    (tags: [publishing]( [publishers]( [acap]( [search]( [technology](
  • Nice comparison there
    (tags: [journalism]( [journalists](
  • Basically positive response, with some serious reservations
    (tags: [nuj]( [journalism]( [journalists]( [multimediaworking](
  • A more graphic response
    (tags: [nuj]( [journalism]( [multimediaworking]( [journalists](


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