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NUJ Multimedia Working Report Out, Union Still Clueless on Blogging

The NUJ’s Shaping the Future report on multi-media working is out this morning. Martin Stabe has some intial thoughts about it over on the Press Gazette blog. The NUJ has publishing a story on its new-look website, predictably attacking bosses.

I’ve downloaded it, and will be working my way through it later, once I’ve finished some work for our Computer Weekly and Electronics Weekly web editors…

However, I do want to highlight one aspect of an otherwise impressive website redesign of the NUJ website. This is just painful:

So, the good first: the ability to leave comments at the bottom of stories on the site is great. The bad? Well, that big “Blog It” is something to do with putting it on your own blog, right? Wrong. It’s that horrible misuse of the word blogging that has found its way into some mainstream media sites: “blogging” is leaving comments on blogs, and “bloggers” are people who do so.

The report may be fantastic, but this just leaves a sour taste in the mouth.