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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Technorati Blogger Central

While tracking what’s happening around the Blognation business, I’ve discovered that an old friend has something of a new face. Yes, Technorati has undergone an overhaul. I particualrly like the new Blogger Central area, as well as the fact that blogs are up there, front and, well, left on the main page. It feels like Technorati is returning to its blog tracking roots, after a spell wandering towards an ill-defined “everything tracking” route. I still recommend that all our bloggers use Technorati to get to grips with what people are saying about the main subjects in their beats, and now I can do so without the growing unease I was feeling about the site in recent months.

Techcrunch covered the new look Technorati in detail yesterday, and Ian Kallen posts about the new Technorati Percolator that underlies the posts that the site highlights.

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