links for 2008-01-28

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • Some good guidance on how NOT to think about web video
    (tags: [video]( [videoblogging]( [journalism](
  • Interesting look at the very different way the current young generation look at online and physical interaction
    (tags: [technology]( [digitalnatives]( [youngpeople]( [ecommerce]( [virtualworlds](
  • Been sat in a tab in Safari for ages for me to write about. Maybe later…
    (tags: [journalism]( [citizenjournalism]( [newspapper]( [video](
  • And another one I’ve been meaning to write about for weeks
    (tags: [journalism]( [investment]( [startups](
  • You know that version of Movable Type I’ve sent the weekend installing? It has some cool new features…
    (tags: [movabletype]( [sixapart]( [cms]( [websites](
  • I’ve been arguing for ages that print titles need to become beautiful objects to survive. Nice to have some support.
    (tags: [newspapers]( [magazines]( [print](
  • Cool ideal.
    (tags: [video]( [seesmic]( [elections]( [politics]( [journalism](
  • The Telegraph will be providing, and using, OpenID. Brilliant. Hope we will follow suit…
    (tags: [openid]( [comments]( [identity](

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