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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • Interesting look at the trust issues around media using user generated content
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  • Dumb. Cargo cult link building at its worst.
    (tags: [thetimes]( [newspapers]( [search]( [seo]( [spamming]( [links](
  • Ah, the foibles of journalistic English…
    (tags: [journalism]( [journalists]( [cliches]( [jargon](
  • I’ve done this three times now. Maybe one day I’ll learn the lesson.
    (tags: [hobbies]( [work]( [career](
  • Amen.
    (tags: [cms](
  • In an awesomely detailed post, the editor of Schamper, the student newspaper at the University of Gent (Belgium) describes how he — a philosophy major — built a Web-centric content management system
(tags: [cms](
An article nearly as good as the headline…
(tags: [journalism]( [journalists](

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