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Moblogging With The iPhone: Initial Reactions

The Big C centre in NorwichFinally, I have a little taste of WiFi. I’m sat in the Big C, a cancer support centre attached to the Norfolk & Norwich hospital, and I’m picking up the Norwich Openlink WiFi.

First of all, apologies to anyone finding the pics I’ve posted from the iPhone this morning. I’m trying to simulate the sort of images a journalist could grab while wondering around a conference or a day’s reporting, but the day I’m having today isn’t quite on the same level of interest. 
That said, I’m certainly finding using Flickr’s e-mail to blog functionality a really easy way of getting visual reporting up on the blog. E-mailing photos is significantly easier on an iPhone than any mobile phone I’ve used before. The phone’s resolution isn’t fabulous, but more than good enough for images on a blog. 
There’s some lessons to be learnt – don’t try to take pics while [holding a coffee and a bag of croissants](, if you want the picture to be level, for example – but I can see this being a viable reporting tool.  And grabbing five minutes on WiFi to tag and categorise the posts helps, too.
(Nice to see that the [Big C has a blog]( – set up yesterday morning!)

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