The 3 Best Quotes from the Journalism Leaders Forum

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Yesterday evening I happily spent some time following the Journalism Leaders Forum through Twitter and a live video stream. There was much debate about the vague pointlessness of one of the sessions – “Why isn’t more media translating into more money for mainstream media companies?” – with the feeling that the time for talking about this is pretty much over. It’s time to start getting out there to find the answers.

Ironically, this morning I woke up to find some excellent blogging around the session (much of it critical, mind), the choice meats of which I present for your enjoyment:1. *“I get annoyed when people suggest that the only people who can deliver news to the public are newspaper journalists. I believe that is an arrogance based upon fear.”* – [Joanna Geary]( 2. “Er, sorry to be the one to break it to you guys (and it was all male), the horse hasn’t just bolted, he’s built his own nice new stable in your garden.” – [Sarah Hartley]( 3. “In case some of the mainstream media haven’t got this yet – ‘THE WEB DOES NOT OWE YOU A LIVING’. It doesn’t care that you have been doing this for years, you have to earn your eyeballs like everyone else.” – [Andy Dickinson](
Like many of those actually present in the room, I do find myself wondering how often we’re going to have to answer the same questions from our journalistic colleagues about the web. 
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