links for 2008-06-14

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • Mum’s vicar buys Will Self for a day…
    (tags: [christianity]( [suffolk]( [family](
  • A social network for magazine journalists
    (tags: [magazines]( [journalists]( [socialnetworks](
  • Some explanations for the woeful performance of Technorati of late.
    (tags: [technorati](
  • Should publishers allow journalists to blog privately, on non-competative subjects? Yes, say most. It’s the ones who say “no” that worry me.
    (tags: [journalists]( [blogging](
  • The implications of Google cache for libel – and why it’s really, really hard to take something down after you’ve put it on the net
    (tags: [libel]( [publishing]( [webpublishing](
  • For blogging to succeed, you need to be conversational. Why do so many people struggle with that?
    (tags: [blogging]( [business]( [b2b](
  • Kavin nails exactly why so many journalists have a “head in the sand” attitude to the changes in their industry
    (tags: [journalism]( [journalists](

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