links for 2008-07-16

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • Finally, we’re starting to take fibre to the home seriously…
    (tags: [bt]( [broadband]( [internet]( [telecoms](
  • Great set of videos on using Aperture
    (tags: [photography]( [aperture](
  • Could beat journalists transfer their skills to blogging and become a threat to existing publishers?
    (tags: [b2b]( [blogging]( [beatblogging]( [journalists]( [publishing](
  • John Welsh, the digital director of one of our competitors, CMP, is now blogging
    (tags: [cmp]( [publishing]( [journalists]( [journalism](
  • Some nice new features in the latest version of WordPress
    (tags: [blogplatforms]( [wordpress](
  • Key quote: “Blogging is a symptom of a massively connected public. And that public’s nature necessitates a fundamental change in the way news org’s behave, whether print or broadcast.”
    (tags: [community]( [publishing]( [journalism](
  • Interesting discussion of how social media can be misundestood
    (tags: [community]( [socialmedia](

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Adam is a lecturer, trainer and writer. He's been a blogger for over 20 years, and a journalist for more than 30. He lectures on audience strategy and engagement at City, University of London.