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The Computer Weekly Blog Award Winners

Computer Weekly Blog Awards

One of the projects I’ve been involved with over the last couple of months was the Computer Weekly Blog Awards. The idea was simple – allow the readers to nominate and select the very best blogs out there in the UK IT space. Well, the results are in, and after a little bit of internal adjudication over some…interesting…voting patterns, we announced the [2008 Computer Weekly IT Blogs Awards winners](

CW’s online editor, James Garner posted about the awards on his blog, and linked to an aggregator of posts from the top 20 IT blogs. And many of the winners have posted, too, including Mike Butcher of Techcrunch UK, Elizabeth Harrin of a Girld’s Guide to Project Management and Ray Fleming of the Microsoft Schools Blog. And even the odd good loser

I hope we can turn this into an annual event (and maybe even expand into other markets), if enough people see value it in. Are blog awards actaully useful, or are they old media thinking in a new media age?

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