Web 2.0 Expo Berlin: Yossi Vardi

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Tim O'Reilly listening

Following a question from the audience, O’Reilly suggested that it’s easy to get too distracted by a mistaken idea of what you think your focus should be.
“A lot of the art is articulating a vision,” he said, “and then other people come to belive it and that keeps everyone on track.”

Vardi asked who had seem Around the World in 80 Days, to a mixed response. He used it as an example of how planning can go wrong.

“Business plans and sausages have one thing in common – only those who don’t know how they are made are willing to eat them,” he said.

A member of the audience asked about free versus paid models. “We will see more paid models, as not everyone will get the millions needed to make free pay,” suggested O’Reilly.

Vardi seemed to disagree: “The user is both a particle and wave. Contributor and distributor – if he does your viral marketing, you will do better.”

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