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What can the news media learn from the Obama campaign?

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Welcome to this month’s [Carnival of Journalism](, a monthly celebration of the best in blogging about journalism 
This month’s topic, suggested by Bryan Murley from the [Center for Innovation in College Media](  by:
What can newspapers (or the news media) learn from the Obama campaign?
I’ll be posting responses to this one as they come in, between now and Tuesday. 
1. Jack Lail gives us [Five Ws from the Barack Obama campaign]( the five best web 2.0 or technology uses in the campaign. 2. John Hassell tells us what we can learn from [the mobile aspects of the Obama campaign]( 3. Charlie Beckett builds on Jack’s post to suggest that you don’t just have to go onlone, you have to [participate in online culture.]( 4. Bryan Murley answers his own question with [five “E”s]( No, not that sort. 5. Alfred Hermida suggest that we need to stop peering at the social media world, but need to [dive right in]( That’s what gave Obama an edge.  6. Adrian Monck follows the money – and [discovers where Obama was a big spender]( 7. Doug Fisher looks at things from the other angle – and suggests that[ the media has let government overtake them technologically](, and that may have serious consequences.
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