How The CEO's Kids Drive Adoption

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Great post from Lee Bryant at Headshift looking at the evolutionary pressures around Web 2.0 tools in the workplace:

What I really like about the consumer Web 2.0 world is the fact that it has given us an amazing experimental laboratory for new tools and communication techniques. It has produced a Cambrian explosion of start ups, tools, features and buzzwords, each of which has evolved very quickly through exposure to rapid feedback at scale. Conversely, in the enterprise tools space, users are of secondary importance and therefore there are few evolutionary pressures that can improve the generally poor quality tools and systems that IT departments force on the business. This is starting to change as more and more senior people ask why their children have access to more effective tools on their home PCs than they have access to in the office.

Time to be proactive in providing stuff, before the CEO comes asking some hard questions…

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