Guide Girl: Blogging Restaurant Guides
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Guide Girl: Blogging Restaurant Guides

I’m going through one of those insanely busy periods at work, with multiple projects all happening at once. That’s why posting has been a little thin on the ground since I returned from my holiday.

In lieu of a proper post, let me introduce one of the reasons for my silence:
[![Guide Girl](](
[Guide Girl]( is a new blog from the [Caterer]( team, focusing on the rarified world of upmarket restaurants and upmarket restaurant guides. The Caterersearch editor posted [about the thinking behind it](
I made the mistake of describing it as for “foodies” on Twitter, and was swiftly [corrected by noodlepie](, a sometime food blogger himself. It is, of course, for rich foodies. Mind you, in the current economy, looking at the upscale end of the dining out market might prove very interesting indeed.


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