Morning Coffee Reading - Things You May Have Missed

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Coffee in a white mugGood morning, good morning. I imagine that many people are back at their desks this fine Monday morning, and so, from my holiday, I provide you with some crucial reading about journalism to while away the first coffee of the new working year:

- [To Prepare for the Future]([, Skip the Present]( – Edward Roussel of the Telegraph Media Group argues that the battle to preserve print is a lost one, and provides a really useful roadmap to creating new, vibrant and profitable online sites from the ashes of the paper product. - [Blog Last]( – Just starting blogging without experiencing online conversations in the broadest sense is probably not the right way to go.  - [Scotland’s Top Papers Heading for Extinction]( – not to get alarmist or anything… - [The First Step in Bringing Change: Find The Believers]( – I think that one lesson I’ve taken from the last couple of years is that working one-on-one with enthusiasts is far more productive in bringing change to newsrooms that group classes. The big question for 2009 is how to speed that process. Bonus further reading: [Spread Social Media Literacy (and Save The World)]( - [Magazines, Eating Their Young]( US magazines are making a terrible mistake: “Maybe when you’re a weekly/monthly your culture just doesn’t understand the concept of urgency. Or maybe they’re intoxicated by those damn smelly perfume ads. But magazines need to be doing more, not less, on the Web if they want to have a long-term future. Clinging to print is a close-minded, losing strategy. “
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