Tuesday Afternoon Doom & Despair

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
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Ah, the storm clouds are gathering. He’s some interesting posts about the coming print apocalypse I’ve been gathering over the last few weeks, just to add a little extra piquancy to Tuesday afternoon:
- [Internet Overtakes Newspapers as News Source](http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1066/internet-overtakes-newspapers-as-news-source) – I believe that’s known as “the writing on the wall”… - [Online or Bust: Why 2009 May Be The Nail in Newspapers’ Coffins](http://www.paidcontent.co.uk/entry/419-why-the-nail-is-in-newspapers-coffin-for-2009/) – a hard-headed analysis from Paid Content on the challenges facing the news business in 2009, and why there aren’t any easy answers. - [Another Round of Paid Content Nonsense](http://www.yelvington.com/node/520) – No, not an attack on the Paid Content site, but an explanation of why the “if we just charged for our content online” argument is wrong. - [Digital versus Print and Apples and Oranges Analysis](http://strange.corante.com/2008/12/22/digital-versus-print-and-apple-and-oranges-analysis) – Kevin Anderson of The Guardian argues that the biggest problems facing the news business are their overheads – both the costs of the overheads traditional business models have allowed and the mountains of debt many publishers have built up.
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