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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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So, snow has hit London and the city has ground to a halt. There’s no easy way for me to get my car off the snowy hill it’s parked on, and the chances of both the trains I need to get to Sutton being running are next to nothing. I’m working from home. 
But the interesting thing I’ve noted over the last 18 hours or so is that I’ve got the vast majority of my news about the snow from Twitter. As [Alan noted](,-uksnow-and-the-annual-london-transport-collapse.html), it’s much like having dozens of reporters all over London (and further afield) reporting in briefly on conditions. I’ve yet to feel the need to turn to any mainstream news sites for information – because everything I needed to know was pushed to me. It’s really cool, but it does make you rather nervous about the future of our industry…
UPDATE: One of the Computer Weekly staff [videos his commute]( and the Farmers Weekly team are compiling [a gallery of snow pics]( 
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