Product Junkie: The Cool Side of Hospitality
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Product Junkie: The Cool Side of Hospitality

Chocolate Fashion

When I mentioned to a colleague that I was helping Caterer & Hotelkeeper (a magazine I was fervently competing with 12 years ago) set up a blog around hospitality products, they rolled their eyes and stifled a yawn.
Well, it launched last week, and I checked in on it to see how it was getting along. And found myself a little surprised. Where were the products for chopping things and blending things? Where were the pots, pans and utensils? Where, not to put too fine a point on it, was the stainless steel?
Nowhere to be found. Instead I found nothing but sauce on [Product Junkie](, and I’m not talking about the sort you get drizzled over your tuna steak, here. Oh, no. 
Instead we have, for example, [a chocolate-themed fashion show]( (see right). And news that [hospitality staff are getting thinner]( 
Or how about [sex and hospitality](
I think I’m going to have a little lie down now…


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