links for 2009-06-30
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links for 2009-06-30

  • Amusing, especially for long-term journalists.
    (tags: [journalism]( [media]( [internet]( [reporting]( [writing]( [jobs](
  • Not so much a review, as a counter-argument to some of the key points behind Anderson's arguments about free.
    (tags: [media]( [free]( [chrisanderson]( [technology]( [economics]( [malcolmgladwell]( [newyorker]( [business]( [internet]( [books](
  • A suggestion that the internet is so dispruptive as a technology that newspapers can't survive.
    (tags: [journalism]( [newspapers]( [media]( [technology]( [business]( [internet]( [publishing](
  • And another one jumps on the "give permission to link" bandwagon. The comments are well worth following.
    (tags: [journalism]( [publishing]( [links]( [linking](
  • This is astonishing – a judge seriously suggesting the banning of linking without the link recipient's consent. Complete misunderstanding of the web…
    (tags: [publishing]( [newspapers]( [media]( [business]( [links]( [news](


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