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Archiving the Product of the Real Time Web

Mr Scoble gives us an insight into the future relationship between the real time web and blogging:

> One thing is that knowledge is suffering over there. See, here, it is easy to find old blogs. Just go to Google and search. What would you like me to find? Chinese Earthquake? [Google has it]( > Now, quick, find the first 20 tweets or FriendFeed items about the Chinese Earthquake. It’s impossible. I’m an advanced searcher and I can’t find them, even using the cool [Twitter Search engine](
That plays very much to the idea we’re playing with about the cycle of news (or, more often these days, the “news tree”), which in its most simplified form looks something like:

Twitter -> Blogs/Social Media -> Traditional Online News -> Print News

That’s essentially the shift from the “now” to the “archival” with a number of steps along the way.

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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