#newsinnovation : What Next After the MPs?
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#newsinnovation : What Next After the MPs?

[usaspending.gov](http://www.usaspending.gov/) – government initiative to show how much is being spent with corporations. Could we don in the UK? Special Purpose Vehicles and PFI could be a rich journalistic area, as could charities. Every project over £100k has to be advertised, so you could start reverse-engineering that. It’s not centrally stored right now, though, so you’d have to make FOI requests to each department. 
[Companies Open House](http://ukcompani.es/) – an effort to make Companies House data searchable at all times and permalinkable.
Who’s Lobbying? @whoslobbying on Twitter. 
**What Infrastructure Is There?**
[Open Economics](http://www.openeconomics.net/)
[Help Me Investigate](http://helpmeinvestigate.com/)
[BarCamp Transparency](http://barcamptransparency-uk.org/)


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