This is not a Rant
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This is not a Rant

I have one of those long, ranty blog posts building in me right now.This isn’t it.

But if you want to know what it might be about, there are two things you should know:
1. With the news that NetNewsWire, my RSS reader of choice, is [now syncing with Google Reader](, I took the opportunity to clear most traditional print media RSS feeds out from my subscriptions. 2. I read [this blog post](, nodding so vigourously that I nearly spilt my coffee. And for those of you who know how I feel about coffee will realise how serious that is. To quote Kevin:
> Most of what obsesses the media is remarkably juvenile, and as the media’s fortunes have waned, they have becoming annoyingly shrill in trying to reassert their role in society. Watchdogs? Defenders of democracy? I wish. Mostly of the media operate as little more than professional gossips and hypocritical scolds.


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