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#be2camp : Internal Use of Social Media by Lend Lease

Dave Glennon – collaboration manager at Lend Lease

- Web 2.0 is a key part of land Lease’s ICT strategy, from knowledge management to recruitment. - Martini approach to ICT – any time, any place, any where… - Aim is to be a connected information organisation and knowledge workers
Konnections is their knowledge platform. The Knowledge Incubator was set up, but not advertised internally. A few people found it, liked it and its use grew internally through word of mouth and evangelism. 
The blogs have been interesting. Every 2/3 weeks most senior people have put up blog posts (they’re internal blogs, as far as I can make out). There are also individual pages for each person in the company. 
Forums were harder to get going, as people were reluctant to get involved, but use has grown. 
Wiki has been a useful tool for breaking down language barriers in a global company, and invaluable for dealing with the rise of acronyms…
*Is it genuinely the senior people blogging?* Yes. They are passed through the communication team, but are actually written through management.
*Buy in: full and frank discussions or bland?* Started bland, but getting more active and more opinions being expressed. 

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