links for 2009-09-15

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
  • Typepad builds in support for the PubSubHubub real time updating format.
    (tags: [typepad]( [pubsubhubbub]( [realtime]( [realtimweb](
  • There are two technologies in development right now that I think matter to publishers. This is one of them.
    (tags: [rss]( [pubsubhubbub]( [rsscloud]( [push]( [realtime]( [aggregator]( [web]( [atom]( [tools](
  • What's this? National newspaper journalists making factual errors about bloggers? I though it was bloggers that were unreliable!
    (tags: [blogging]( [journalism]( [media]( [print]( [online](
  • A solid argument against the dominance of a handful of companies as the home of social graph information.
    (tags: [socialnetworks]( [socialnetworking]( [syndication]( [twitter]( [architecture]( [networking]( [decentralization]( [collaboration](
  • Journalists completely taken in by fraud, bloggers expose it. What was that about being able to trust journalists but not bloggers?
    (tags: [journalists]( [bloggers]( [fraud]( [reputation](
  • Shane nicely skewers the argument that the Drudge Report has lost its edge.
    (tags: [blogging]( [aggregation]( [drudgereport](

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