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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
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Next up is Ryan Sarver, the director the the Twitter platform, who appears to be going to thank the entire world before he starts saying anything interesting.
The company knew it needed to work with developers if they were to be an information network for the web. 2 years ago there was one app. Now? There are 50,000 of them. That’s the potential of simple and open apis, suggests Sarver. Different developers are providing different views. Tweetie? Simple. Seesmic? Rich. 
- [CoTweet](http://cotweet.com/): allows brands to monitor and participate in the existing conversations around their brand - [OneRiot](http://www.oneriot.com/): An alternative search of Twitter. Twitter is happy for people to search content they host on other services – and you can see that with the deals they’ve done. - [TweetMeme](http://tweetmeme.com/): Allows you to track how your tweets propagate over time.
The business model is to allow money to flow through Twitter to platform partners… That’s right. They’re looking to form commercial alliances with people who are building charged service on top of Twitter.
Firehose for everyone! Access to the direct feed of all Twitter activity in real time that they have done deals with Google and Bing to provide is coming for everyone – but the details of how (and how much) are yet to come. 
Oh, and they’re launching a developer site. 
And upping the rate limit to 15,000 calls per hour as long as you’re logged in through OAuth. And they’re going to be offering browser-less OAuth for browser-less apps. AND basic authentication (non-OAuth) is going away in June 2010.
[Chirp](http://chirp.twitter.com) will be their first developer conference.
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