Snow has come to London:

Those of you on Twitter may be seeing tweets like this in your stream:
> #uksnow SM2 4/10
What the heck’s that all about? Simple. It’s a crowd-sourced method of tracking snow levels across the country that came into its own [back in February](, when the really heavy snows hit. All those tweets are being [compiled onto a map]( to give a visual and rapidly-updated picture of what the snowfall across the country looks like. Neat, huh?
[![The #uksnow map](](
So that tweet is made up of:
1. #uksnow – the hashtag that allows identification of relevant tweets 2. SM2 – the first half of my postcode, allowing geolocation of the information 3. 4/10 – a measure of the heaviness of the snowfall, where 0 is none at all and 10 would be a whiteout…
A neat little mash-up by [Ben Marsh](