All's Fair in Love and Innovation

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Yesterday, RBI held its first internal innovation fair, organised by my boss Karl Schneider, amongst others. I was only able to attend briefly a couple of times, but I grabbed some pics while I did:

[![This way to innovation]( - Version 2-thumb-500x332-1616.jpg)](
[![Deep in discussion]( - Version 2-thumb-500x332-1618.jpg)](
[![Reading]( - Version 2-thumb-300x451-1620.jpg)](
[![James chatting]( - Version 2-thumb-500x332-1622.jpg)](
[![J]( - Version 2-thumb-300x449-1624.jpg)](
[![Stuart & Faisal]( - Version 2-thumb-500x332-1626.jpg)](
[![Cupcake Bribes]( - Version 2-thumb-500x332-1628.jpg)](
The content was pretty confidential, of course, so you’ll have to make do with the pretty pics. 🙂

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