Brighton, Shoreham and the Future of News

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth


Last night I took myself off to Brighton (only a short detour from my new commute) for the monthly Brighton Future of News group. It was a sparsely attended night – seven people in total – but we were planning a very specific event.

In one of those strange meaningless con-incidences that we humans insist on reading meaning into, the BFonG is taking occupation of an empty shop in Shoreham-by-Sea this Saturday, both to Do Journalism and to do some digital consultancy for the local area. And I’ve just moved into Shoreham (well, for most of the week, at least) as posts like this make clear. It would just be darn rude of me not to make an appearance, so I’ll be setting out my journalistic stall in the Agora this weekend.

Cathy Watson has posted in more depth both about last night and what we’ve got planned for Saturday. The results of the day should start appearing on the Shoreham-by-sea Future of News Project blog around 11am on Saturday…


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